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Vergleichende Archäologie römischer Alpen- und Donauländer


Students Involved On-Site:
Theory and Practice Closely Linked

Students of archaeological disciplines had the opportunity to work on both excavations. This offered a supplement to their professional training and allowed the participants to gain practical experience in archaeological fieldwork.

Since 2013, Marcus Zagermann has held teaching positions at the University of Bamberg, Chair of Archaeology of the Roman Provinces. In 2021, the habilitation thesis was completed with the topic "Monte San Martino di Lundo/Lomaso: Castra as strategic sites within a closed settlement chamber".

In the spring semester of 2020, Werner Zanier was a visiting scholar at the University of Basel, where he was also involved in teaching. In a material-oriented seminar, find objects from the Academy excavations on the Septimer Pass were worked on. Seven students are involved in the Septimer publication with manuscripts on specific find objects.

Following the evaluation of the animal bones from the excavations in Pfaffenhofen-Hörtenberg, Simon Trixl held a three-month research fellowship at the Academy. "On the Trail of a Living Cultural Asset: Archaeozoological Investigations into the Breeding History of Alpine Sheep" delved into one aspect of his studies for the Pfaffenhofen-Hörtenberg project.