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Vergleichende Archäologie römischer Alpen- und Donauländer


Regional Studies in North Tyrol and in Trentino Develop Supraregional Context

In specifically selected excavation projects, currently in Pfaffenhofen-Hörtenberg, North Tyrol, and on Monte San Martino in Trentino, the project develops new archaeological source material. Regional studies address the immediate and wider surroundings of the sites, thus placing them this way in a supraregional context.

Field Research and Colloquia

Until the end of the project this will be the foundation for a synthesis to be developed addressing early and late Roman time in the Central Alpine Region, based on two very specific examples. Upon completion of the field work there are plans for colloquia involving presentations and discussions of current research with regard to both transitional periods. They are perceived as intermediate summaries within the project.